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Kim was born and raised in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape. After matriculating she studied Law at Stellenbosch University and at the University of Cape Town. After years of practicing law both in private practice and in the corporate world, she is currently self-employed as a legal consultant/ corporate trainer, freelance writer and motivational speaker.

Despite opportunities to have married someone sensible she is happily married to Adventurer, Peter van Kets (2x Atlantic Rower and only African to have rowed solo across any ocean and one of the few South Africans to have trekked to the South Pole) and mother to 7 year old Hannah.

Having established that running requires no particular skill other than the ability to endure monotony and discomfort, she has spent a lot of time on the road/trail and has now been running for more than half her life. After having run the the Comrades and Two Oceans and countless road races for many years, Kim discovered trail running and was hooked by the solitude and beauty of the sport. Since then she has run a number of extreme off road races including the Addo Elephant 100 mile Trail Run, the 270km Transkei ultra from Port St Johns to East London, the 250km self sufficiency race across the Kalahari (KAEM) etc, many of which she has won. She has also paddled and cycled for many years and taken part in various multi discipline adventure races. Her most recent expedition involved a self powered 6 772 km circumnavigation of South Africa in 2011 where she covered the distance on foot, bike and kayak in 148 days.


Tri the Beloved Country

A self powered 6 772k journey completed in 148 days (including rest days) on 6 days ahead of target and within budget. Kim left her home in East London on foot on 1 March 2011 and ran to the border of Mozambique. She covered a daily minimum of 42km (longest day 60km) along the coast (avoiding roads as much as possible). She ran 6 days out of 7. From the border of Mozambique, she mountain biked the inland borders covering an average of 100km a day (longest day 160km), sticking to off road tracks and dirt roads and also riding 6 days out of 7. She then kayaked the Gariep River in flood from just below Augrabies Falls to Alexandria Bay before running along the West Coast via Cape Town to Mossel Bay. From Mossel Bay she was diagnosed with a stress fracture and forced to finish the last 650km of the expedition on her mountain bike.

Kim’s Talks

Her 60 minute talk encourages delegates to rediscover the passion that enables them to recharge their batteries and prevent burn out and loss of creativity. It also provides an entertaining, anecdotal and positive perspective of South Africa and draws many comparisons between the challenges faced on her self-powered 6 772km trip around the border of South Africa and those encountered in the business world as well as in one’s personal life. The presentation is very visual with a number of slides and a short video clip. Some of the points that are covered are:

Presentation Topics

  • Focussing on the positive
  • Translating the dream into a goal
  • Learning to give and receive help
  • Not being immobilized by the enormity of the task at hand
  • Learning to be an optimistic realist
  • Finding creative alternatives when the usual resources disappear
  • Preventative maintenance – taking care of the important things before they present a crisis
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